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citizen income

the citizen’s income is essential for the well being of people and local and national economy.

the economy can only grow if people have money to spend into the economy. that means that they have to have money weather this is through the citizen’s income if their is no jobs are through a government projects plan like what Mr. Livingstone is planing for London.

his plan is the opposite to the Tory plan that Mr. Osborne being implementing for that last years that has done nothing good for the economy and a another recession looming, and if you want to compare the out comes of Ireland austerity plan the results in house value are. massive drop in price, ghost estates.

work left undone ?

the point is Mr Livingstone policies are just what the doctor ordered for the capital and all; around the country pit the

this is Keynesian in practice and it works well for the economy and the people it will bring jobs for the capital safer pension plans, and so better well being for some still need the citizen’s Income.

working is over now the machines took our jobs, they have been doing it for a long times.

Inequality: that is what to many countries have and the well being on peoples lives is not good and it don’t need to be that way.  Just read the book THE SPIRIT LEVEL and you understand why we need the CITIZENS INCOME:

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