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A comprehensive economic/living plan/policy


A comprehensive economic/living plan/policy


           *Financial transaction tax*


            *Country by country reporting by Richard Murphy* – local. (Tax)

            WHY Richard Murphy so the wording is not changed.

I also think that we should have council tax revenue as surely taxes should be paid at place of sale.  (point of sale) along with local councils banks


            Citizen income: Thomas Moore, Thomas Paine, Martin Luther king, Eisenhower, Green party UK.

The citizen income is also cost neutral when you look at the cost of.

Social security spending     100b

Tax reliefs and allowances    94b

Running cost of the DWP       6B

HMRC running cost             1b

Total                        201b


            Positive money

            Who creates money?

The top four private banks round the world are

Why should they be able to create money and not the government local council or the people?



            j. p Morgan/chase (railways)

            City group

            Wells Fargo


            Top 4 oil suppliers

Exxon mobile, Shell – bp -Texaco.



The oil supply should be changed to bio-fuel IE. ALGAE

Why so it is not owned by the big 4. (War)

Annual production capacity 10 million us gallons of algae oil

Carbon dioxide CO2 take out 250,000 tonnes

Oxygen O2 over 100,000 tonnes


            Rocker fellas (oil)

            Gold man sacks

            lemans went bust

            lizards, Warburg’s, con low ,Israel mosses seif.


I believe like Thomas Jefferson, Jackson,

john f Kennedy 11110.  

Louis McFadden, martin Luther king, Victor Hugo,   ARISTOTLE.   

A government or local councils should have control of the money supply. Or if we are to deal with the people the same way as these private banks everyone should be able to print money.


Solution: In 1933, Mr. MC Fadden introduced to the House Resolution No. 158, which included articles of impeachment for the Secretary of the Treasury, two assistant Secretaries of the Treasury, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, and the officers and directors of its twelve regional banks.   Like Mr McFadden said these banks cannot be let have control of national money creation and supply everywhere around the world.  


Solution: no 2. Kennedy government controlled money supply backed by silver bullion

So again I ask

Why should private banks be allowed and not national governments local government or the citizen of the world?


Solution no 3 Local currencies


            Silvio Gusell in worel Austria they introduced a local currency because there was high unemployment.  The idea was to charge a stamp on the currency of 1% per mouth so that people would spend it in the local community instead hoarding it in the bank.  This would increase the money supply in the economy. Business were able to use this money to pay their taxes and so it generated needed money for the local council revenues so that it could be spent on local services


The bills were called certified compensation bills

The council would issue the Bills and the public would accept the Bills for their full nominal value. Bills would be issued in the denominations of 1, 5 and 10 shillings. A total money issue was 32,000 Worgl money Bills and was printed and put into circulation.

Over the 13-month period the Worgl money was in circulation, the mayor carried out all the intended works projects. The council also built new houses, a reservoir, a ski jump, and a bridge. The people also used scrip to replant forests, in anticipation of the future cash flow they would receive from the trees


RUDOLF STEINER also talked of complementary currency

So again I ask

Why should private banks be allowed and not national governments local government or the citizen of the world?


What is money ?

Simply money functions as an aid to trade

Productive money in this system ie the economy is just over 7%.


            Bail out – 5 times banking scam

First you sell a house to a person in the form of a mortgage

2. When a person can’t pay you repossess their house, if you repossess a lot of houses. 

3. You run out of money, you go to the government and say all the savers will lose all their money without a bailout,

4. The bank keeps your house/assets in the bail out and then sells it to someone else later

5. They keep all the money the government gives you to lend to small business at 0% interest to stimulate the market so you get government interest instead of market interest.

Liquidity means money

Assets is your house or commercial property



            The 9 times scam is for 1 pound deposited 9 imaginary are lent.

            This is the same scam which caused the 1929 crash it was called the margin loan but the problem was also called the margin call.





            Doors plan 23/24

            Young plan 31/32

            International settlement 31/32 owned by federal reserve England Italy Canada Swiss national nederlandsche bundese  bank of France


            Circuit breaker (Paul bernd spahn) time.


            Credit rating agencies

What they do is increases the debt and the problem

What they needed to do was decrease the debts and the interest on the debts.


            Stamp duty this means paying taxes on high value goods i.e. a house that cost over 1 million at least 20% of the value of the purchase prices or Airplanes


            We also need better control of anti-monopolies and mergers legislation

            Acquisition crashes


            QE: in England we have already given 375 billion to the banking system

Is this a waste of money just propping up banks that have gone bust but to save the savers from losses

We have given it to the banks at great cost to the taxpayers are more to the point the poorest sections of society in the form of cuts.

It has not been used for anything else but the future markets and speculation. 

The cost of borrowing is also pasted to the tax payer in inflation i.e. higher food prices.

A better way to spend the money would be to implement a green new deal policy which would sort out our energy and war problems its cost is 50 billion

Would create 400,000 new jobs


It would have also been better if quantitative easing had been spent straight into people’s banks accounts to pay down their debts and spent into the economic which would have created a mini boom


Keynes thought we as a spice would be working no more than 15 hours a week


What we can do for our selves

Hydroponics or Aquaponics food supply.

Organic and have no carbon foot print


 I suggest using some are all of this when lobbying your parliament Representatives.


















oil supply should be changed to bio fuel ALGAE

            EG. AFS: BIOfarm is a micro-algae cultivation farm which consist of identical AFS bio units in turn AFS bio units are made of identical AFS PBR modules which in turn consist of proprietary photo bio reactors


            Production capacity of the farm range from 10-100 million gallons of algae oil per year


            Annual production capacity 10 million us gallons of algae oil

            and 100,000 tonnes of algae cake


Capital cost usd 35 million

Carbon foot print 500 acres

useful life 12 yrs

Volume of water 500 million litres recycled

Annual amount of sequestered carbon dioxide CO2

250,000 tonnes

Annual amount of produced and collected oxygen O2

over 100,000 tonnes


122.39. per barrel

While this price is expensive now as more and more production

of Algae bio fuel is created the price will decrease steadily.


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