Ecology Human Rights

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whistle blowers and human rights

all arguments maybe used when lobbying

Ecology Human Rights

Human rights

Whistle blowers

The issues are around freedom of information and the press. Ammentant 1.

Also with Bradley manning we are talking about war crimes ie. Collateral murder video which has shown is a war crime and as so he was and is legally compelled under the GENEVA CONVENTION and the human rights bill TO report this


1. To The Hague and

2. To the media, the public as was the case of Daniel Ellsberg in 1971, when beacon press published the pentagon papers is the same as Mr. manning and all the other whistle blowers below, so the outcome should be the same as it was for mr. Ellsbery and beacon press today


The Hague which should be doing something about this crime.

The case against him is illegal

The us government has also broken the law in

ammentant 5. Because they are not letting him…

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