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citizen income

the citizen’s income is essential for the well being of people and local and national economy.

the economy can only grow if people have money to spend into the economy. that means that they have to have money weather this is through the citizen’s income if their is no jobs are through a government projects plan like what Mr. Livingstone is planing for London.

his plan is the opposite to the Tory plan that Mr. Osborne being implementing for that last years that has done nothing good for the economy and a another recession looming, and if you want to compare the out comes of Ireland austerity plan the results in house value are. massive drop in price, ghost estates.

work left undone ?

the point is Mr Livingstone policies are just what the doctor ordered for the capital and all; around the country pit the

this is Keynesian in practice and it works well for the economy and the people it will bring jobs for the capital safer pension plans, and so better well being for some still need the citizen’s Income.

working is over now the machines took our jobs, they have been doing it for a long times.

Inequality: that is what to many countries have and the well being on peoples lives is not good and it don’t need to be that way.  Just read the book THE SPIRIT LEVEL and you understand why we need the CITIZENS INCOME:







Income taxes

TAXES: these should could come out at point of transaction

their should be a tax debit card that companies have to use

when doing their employee salaries


Taxes should be paid at the same time as a employee wages.

Ie when the income tax and national insurance or deducted from the worker the money should go into a separate accounts called Income tax and N.I. Debit card that goes direct to the Inland Revenue. And all paper work is put into a employees tax record file at the time of doing paying the employees.

the tax gap has reached 42 billion says the HMRC.

what is money

what is money.



Were all here on the blue spinney planet?

Earth is what we call it

Were all in a chain

Some just take from others


Never giving any thing back

The lowest of the low

The bottom of the chain

Always giving life never taking,

They are the teacher if we are willing to learn


Their vegetation is our substance

All they need is the space to be

To be allowed to exist in the environment

As they do, plants is what they are


Living cells is their connect to me

And all other life forms


Tree’s also a connection in cells

In life to me and the other animals that we do be

There job is so important

They give us the very life we have


They give us the breath, which we do breathe

Their purpose beyond that is for themselves alone

But they don’t go beyond this, making compilations

Their simply part of the ecosystem

That we do need, but jet we are catch up in our own cycles of life


The compilations that we bring to the every thing

Increase daily with our wants and desires

And out comes that we don’t see any more


The eco system vital to our lives part of our lives

Alienated and detached from us we became

With our cities and jobs

We have forgotten who we are, who we once, used to be


In the cultures, who live within nature?

A vision and reality that we have destroyed

And a life that used to be

We have moved away from

A reality that kept us in touch, aware


Of whom we are, part of the eco system

Systems that surrounds us, is everywhere

But now we have no knowledge of the laws of life

What it means to know the season of life

And to understand the waters of, and the fish


To be at one with the heather, the spring and the air

To feel the fall of water on our faces,

And understand why

We used to praise the cosmos, for this bountiful gift






Greeting world

This site is about learning and awareness.

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